It’s too easy to sit in your sorrow from today until tomorrow. It’s easy to lose to strife and say you can’t do something with your life. It’s easy to give up on love from the start and build a wall around your heart. It’s hard to leave a dark past for a fresh start. It’s hard to give up your wants and strive for your needs…..

Don’t let a day go by where you don’t learn from the mistakes you’ve made. No one’s perfect but learning from your mistakes will surely make you a better person.

I won’t settle for anything less because now I know its real.

Truth is: Everything does happen for a reason. Life is not about living for nothing, it’s about making the best out of any bad situation and saying hello to life as it quickly passes you. Every day we receive yet another chance in life to turn negative into positive as it if we flipped the batteries in a remote. This instant will be gone before you know it so stop and converse with life while you have the chance to.

love unconditionally and everything will work out just fine

I have been staring at my notepad at this time of hour for a couple of months now. I just stare at it and listening at some random music on my playlist. Like right know it now playing know the music “The Scene Aesthetic - Walk this Town”. As this music plays my mind keep on remembering stuff that both happy/sad memory but mostly happy memories. Hahahah Now it’s playing “Anberlin - Inevitable” I remember my cousin 18th birthday. I met this girl at the party she was a childhood friend of my cousin or something. We’re the only two people that are still drinking, we talk about “who’s your favorite band” we’re like ANBERLIN, and were like wooow and we both laugh then I ask what your favorite song of anberlin and she said this song. All I can say is that somebody vomited alot. Remembering that night she suggested this a local band that I absolutely love. I’m listing to one of their song right know “Angulo - Salita”. Funny thing I was supposed to post a one liner “I want to get something out of my chest but my heart seems to think the other way” and I end up with this.. 

Life is full of sticks and stones that break bones and foul words that can crush souls.

Give a smile and receive a smile because happiness is like the flu, contagious. One smile could possibly be the beginning of something wonderful.

Reaching happiness is all about putting yourself in the position to receive it. Even when your days may seem dreary and gloomy, remember when you start to see your shadow the sun is shining behind you. You can’t bask in the sun if you don’t go outside to embrace it. Make moves.

Life is about searching for the answers to the questions that matter the most and not stopping until you get those answers. Once you get those answers, you derive new questions and then you search for new answers. Only when you stop breathing should you stop questioning life and even then let your soul continue to search. We live to learn in an endless cycle of knowledge, utilize every tool prepared for you.

2 years of heavy drinking to be exact :)))

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